"While earning an M.F.A at Notre Dame I discovered the perfect meeting place for my weaving skills, love of color and the beauty of the liturgy. So began Ilex Designs."
Holly Howard
Ilex Designs
Ilex Designs has been dedicated to the creation of singular works for churches and individuals, since 1979. Ilex Designs also carries unique non-clerical wear which captures the beauty and distinctiveness of our clerical pieces. We consider all our work to be an extension of ministry and a reflection of the gifts, skills and abilities that have come to us.
Red robe White robe Silkwear
Styles shown here are examples of our work.
 Because each is a handmade, one-of-a-kind
  piece, the exact styles on these pages may not
   always be available. We can always help you
    find a suitable design from our many styles.